Terms & Conditions





1.0 At the time of booking a detail or ceramic coating, a deposit payment of $50.00 for Details or 10 % of a Ceramic Coating/PPF job is required. This can be made by ACH or credit/debit card via our online system. Deposits not received within 24 hours will result in dates being offered to other clients.

1.1 You may reschedule the time, date, or cancel your booking, and receive a full refund, up to 48hrs before the date of the booking. This date will be stated on the invoice supplied for your deposit. After 48hrs no refund will be offered, and the deposit cannot be transferred to another date. To make a new booking, a new deposit will be required.

1.2 Payment of the balance due will be required on the day of completing the work. There are no exceptions to this. Payment can be made by credit/debit card, cash, or by ACH.

1.3 Where work is being carried out to correct a problem caused by a Third Party, RC Detail respectfully requires that you make full payment upon completion of the work, and it is your responsibility to reclaim your costs from the Third Party.

1.4 If, as part of a detail, work is to be carried out by one of our carefully chosen partners (e.g. Clear Bra, etc), we reserve the right to request partial or full payment for that part of the booking in advance.

1.4.1 There may be occasions where additional work is required beyond what was initially quoted, and couldn’t reasonably be identified or foreseen at the time of booking. For example, during a detail we may come across things like mold and mildew. We will contact you immediately when we are made aware of this, but any additional costs shall be your responsibility, and RC Detail shall not be liable for these.

1.5 If your vehicle needs to leave our shop for external work to be carried out, you will be consulted for permission beforehand, and informed as to exactly where and when this will be happening. Your vehicle will remain fully comprehensively insured by RC Detail  throughout this time.
By making a booking, you agree to the terms and conditions set out here.

1.6 Prices advertised on the site are our starting prices and therefore should be used as a guideline. We aim to quote the prices advertised, but there will be occasions where this isn't possible.



2.1 On the day the work is completed to your satisfaction, payment of the outstanding balance will be required in full. There are no exceptions to this. This can be made in cash, or using a debit or credit card.

2.2 If the work being carried out is in relation to an issue involving a third party who have agreed to cover costs, for example a car dealership having washed your car against your instruction and causing damage in the process, or a nearby worksite contaminating your car with a chemical fallout, we would require payment to be made in full by yourself, and it will be your responsibility to reclaim your costs from the third party or insurance company. An invoice will be supplied with a full breakdown of the works carried out.



PLEASE NOTE In all cases and at all times, we're acting in the best interests of your car and will work with undivided care and attention to achieve the best result possible. In the rare occasion of a defect not being discovered pre booking, upon initial inspection, pre wash, post wash or after the detail itself RC Detail will not be held responsible or liable whatsoever. We will not be held responsible if work cannot be completed due to factory paint or previous repair work failing, undisclosed information, or factors that could not be reasonably foreseen or prevented.



If your interior is heavily soiled with mud, pet hair, mold, vomit or blood, additional charges MAY apply. To avoid disappointment on the day we advise if you have any of the above it is your responsibility to let us know immediately. We make no guarantee that odors, mold or mild will not come back after our service.

3.1 Vehicles left with RC Detail maybe driven to our speciality shop located at 2750 Broad View Ave. Wasilla AK 99654. Also vehicles will need to be manoeuvred from the wash bay inside the shop. Whilst in our care, the vehicle will be fully comprehensively insured against theft or damage, underwritten by Country Financial

3.2 Where a customer vehicle is to be driven on the public road, it is your responsibility to ensure the vehicle is safe and legal to do so. This includes registration and proper insurance where appropriate, tyre condition, etc. If at the time of collection, a vehicle is in our opinion un-roadworthy, we reserve the right to refuse to drive it, and no refund of deposit will be due if the booking cannot go ahead as a result.

3.3 RC Detail will not be held responsible for faults that develop on the car, whilst in our care, that are unrelated to any work we have done. For example, air bag lights (where interior has not been removed) and engine light illumination. In these events, we will inform you as soon as possible

3.4 RC Detail will not be held responsible if work cannot be completed due to previous repair work, undisclosed information, or factors that could not be reasonably foreseen or prevented. RC Detail will not be held responsible for any subsequent loss caused by work not completed within the originally agreed timescale, nor will you be liable for compensation.

3.5 RC Detail will take every care and reasonable precaution to safeguard your vehicle from damage or theft.

3.6 RC Detail will not be responsible for any rock chip damage done to the vehicle while in our possession. Including but not limited to windshield chips and or cracking of a windshield from the vehicle be washed or detailed inside our facility.  


As you would expect, we are fully insured for all aspects of our work, and are proud to work with Country Financial to achieve this. Our policy covers everything from theft or damage to our public liability.


Customer will be given the opportunity at the time of payment/pickup to have a vehicle around/inspection with a RC Detail employee. Customer will be asked to sign a final approval if the completed work order as well. RC Detail claims no responsibility to the quality of the detail, newly found broken, discolored, non functioning parts, body damage, speakers etc once we preform this walk around with the customer.

IF a customer is unable to perform the walk around. They will be given the option of a video inspection for approval or they can decline.