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Wasilla auto detailing premium solution for car, truck, ATV, boat and RV.

It's all about the Details at RC Detail in Wasilla, Alaska.

RC Detail provides high quality auto detailing services in Wasilla, Alaska. From vans, cars, to quads and bikes, the sky is the limit. Our packages include deep cleaning services, along with restoration and protection solutions. Robbie Cardon, the company founder and Palmer native, is truly passionate about the art and science of auto detailing. He also does his best to educate the local community about the value of proactive auto maintenance to protect and prolong your vehicle’s life.

At RC Detail auto detailing in Wasilla, Alaska has never been better. We provide various detail packages to suit your vehicle. We also offer custom solutions to meet your individual needs. If you have any questions at all, or would like to schedule an appointment with us, call RC Detail at
907.373.7238 .

RC Detail is a proud member of the Wasilla Chamber of Commerce.

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Join Wasilla's favorite Monthly Detail Club

Keep your vehicle in SHIP-SHAPE so that it NEVER gets out of hand.

We all know that here in Alaska our vehicles go through a lot of wear and tear. But do not worry. RC Detail has got you covered! You can protect your vehicle on a whole new level by joining our MONTHLY DETAIL CLUB. We will take care of your vehicle and ensure that it STAYS clean on the inside and maintains that exterior SHOWROOM SHINE and cleanliness all year round.

Starting at just $99.00 a month, we present a wonderful opportunity that will give you peace of mind and more free time for the things that you really love. Plus we offer a valet solution, so that you will not have to lift a finger.

RC Detail’s Monthly Detail Club includes...
• Exterior wash
• Interior detail
• Maintaining that “showroom shine” all year long
• Includes VIP Valet solution – we pick your vehicle up from your workplace or residence and return it back WITHIN HOURS completely taken care of.

Our Monthly detail includes...

  • Exterior wash
  • Interior detail
  • Keeping that "showroom shine" all year long
  • Includes VIP Valet (we pick your vehicle up from your wordplace or residence and return it WITHIN HOURS completely detailed.

Top Auto Detailing Service Provider in Wasilla, Alaska

Call RC DETAIL, the PREMIUM AUTO DETAILING SPECIALISTS for WASILLA, AK at 907.373.7238 or SEND A MESSAGE HERE for THE premium detail solution in the Mat-Su Valley and all of Southcentral Alaska. Our uncompromising standards and ethos for perfectionism puts us in a totally new class of auto detailer.


  • We can pick up and deliver back your vehicle after full detailing
  • Our staff members are friendly and professional experts
  • Always honest and upfront with costs (no hidden charges)
  • Locally owned and operated in the Mat-Su Valley
  • Satisfaction guaranteed


Wasilla’s #1 choice for vehicle sanitization services.

Keep your vehicle clean and your family safe in Wasilla, Alaska.

In the light of COVID-19 pandemic, vehicle sanitization is becoming more important than ever. At RC Detail in Wasilla, Alaska, we are able to remove all foreign chemicals and contaminants, which may be the cause for bad odors. It is crucial now to provide a safe environment for your family or your employees.

A great deal of microorganisms are eliminated by the physical action of scrubbing the interior with detergents and surfactants, and rinsing with water afterwards. The effectiveness of the disinfection process is only completed properly when we apply the disinfectant to a clean surface. Moreover, in order to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness, our technicians in Wasilla use protective gloves.

Windshield and vehicle window treatment to increase visibility for Wasilla, Alaska

Protect your windshield against rain, Ice, snow, and sleet in the Mat-Su Valley.

Alaskan weather can be harsh. Have you ever struggled to see well through your windshield due to rain, ice, snow or sleet?

When driving in such hazardous conditions, seeing clearly can make a huge difference… Maybe even save a life when a split second decision matters most.

At RC Detail in Wasilla, Alaska, you will find the best inexpensive and effective solutions for hard Alaskan weather conditions. When we use our GlassParency product and apply it to your vehicle, all rain, ice, snow, and sleet will repel off the glass of your car. And it will truly be better than even before. Unlike many wax-based or topical coatings, RC Detail’s GlassParency is chemically engineered to react with silica within the glass pores, creating a unique bond, unparalleled by the competition.

Rain easily repels off a treated windshield, as you can see in this video. Ice also has a difficult time gripping to the pores of the glass, which makes its removal a lot quicker and simpler. Faster defrosting times are another benefit of a GlassParency treated windshield. And you can get such wonders for only $79.99 at RC Detail in Wasilla, Alaska.

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Ceramic coating services in Wasilla, Alaska

The weather in Alaska can be harsh on your vehicle … Pro-actively protect your investment.

Here in Wasilla, summer might not be too hot, but our cars are under the exposure of direct sunlight. It happens on long drives or maybe even when you park your vehicle out in the open. Even though it can be invisible to the naked eye, the sun’s UV rays are able to break down the chemicals in your car’s paintjob, slowly causing deterioration, making the surface dull, dry and chalky. Your paintjob can also be damaged by harsh detergents and environmental pollutants. RC Detail provides ceramic coating application to your vehicle. This amazing solution prolongs the life cycle of the paint. And protects it from oxidation and other issues, while mitigating the need for frequent paint correction. Save money now and choose our ceramic coating services for Wasilla, Alaska.

Fleet Detailing Services for Companies in Wasilla, Alaska

Keep your fleet of vehicles well maintained and clean in Wasilla, Alaska and the Mat-Su Valley

For all companies based in Wasilla, Alaska, and the surrounding area, RC Detail offers wholesale vehicle detailing services. Companies subconsciously convey the quality of their company by their mobile signage presentation. If your vehicles brandishing your company logo look dirty and uncared for, that poor presentation will be subconsciously projected onto the quality of the products or services you provide to your customer.

If you want to protect the image of your company and protect your investment, that we can provide high quality maintenance for your fleet now. Just give us a call. Effective auto detailing will also help to protect your workers from pathogens and pollutants getting out of control in your business vehicles.

We completely understand the dangers and harsh conditions that Alaskan weather can present to all vehicles. Regular auto detailing can prevent them from getting dirty, as well as secure them from all kinds of debris pilling up and sticking to your cars. Choosing RC Detail and our top notch services, you lower the risk of costly repairs.


Exterior and Interior detailing for Boats, RVs and ATVs in Wasilla, Alaska and the Mat-Su Valley

RC Detail are not only specialists in vehicles, we also are experts in detailing boats, ATVs, and RVs

Side-by-sides, ATVs, campers, RVs, boats, airplanes… we Alaskans love our toys!

RC Details loves them too. And we also understand that each season of travelling around the buggy wilderness of Alaska can leave its trace on your vehicle. Let us remove the thick dried mud from your ATV or RV! If paint correction is what you are looking for, or maybe you would consider choosing a protective layer to extend the life of the paint, ask us about our ceramic coating services. Our wide variety of options include hand washes, waxing, deep cleaning, and many more amazing opportunities to take care of your vehicle. Let us make a custom solution for you, as all situations are uniquely different.

If your company works in the field of tourist industry, it is crucial to have clean boats, RVs or ATVs. RC Detail provides the best services in Wasilla, Alaska for maintaining your vehicles in order to give your customers a safe and enjoyable experience. With proper care and cleaning, we will not only make all tourists feel secure and comfortable, but also assure them they are protected from all kinds of pathogens. At RC Detail we are able to take care both of the interior and the exterior detailing for all kinds of vehicles. Let us do our best to help all tourists have their best experience and enjoy their time here in Wasilla, Alaska.

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