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Palmer’s go-to auto detailing solution for car, truck, ATV, boat and RVs

It's all about the Details at RC Detail in Palmer, Alaska.

For residents of Palmer, Alaska, RC Detail provides high quality auto detailing services. From vans, cars, to quads, bikes and boats, our mission is to exceed the expectations of our clients. Our exclusive packages include deep cleaning services, along with restoration and protection solutions.


RC Detail provides different comprehensive packages to meet your individual needs, as well as personalized solutions. Take advantage of the best auto detailer for Palmer, Alaska. If you have any questions or would like to get more details on the schedule, call us at 907.373.7238.

Palmer depot with a narrow gauge locomotive. Photo by-Land Design North Public Domain

Join Palmer's Monthly Detail Club

Keep your vehicle in SHIP-SHAPE so that it doesn't become unbearable.

Here in Alaska, we are aware that your vehicles can experience a lot of damage and everyday wear. There is no need to worry. RC Detail has got you covered! Look at what the best Palmer detailer has prepared for your cars and other vehicles. You can protect your valuables on a whole new level by joining our MONTHLY DETAIL CLUB. We will be happy to take care of your vehicle and ensure that it STAYS clean on the inside and keeps that exterior SHOWROOM SHINE and cleanliness throughout the year with no exceptions.

Starting from as little as $99.00 a month, your car will receive an incredible detail that will ensure your peace of mind and give you more free time for the things you really love. We also offer a valet solution, so that you can just sit back at home, (or work hard at the office) while we take care of your vehicle for you.

RC Detail’s Monthly Detail Club includes...

  • Exterior wash
  • Interior detail
  • Maintaining that “showroom shine” all year long
  • Includes VIP Valet solution – we pick your vehicle up from your workplace or residence and return it back WITHIN HOURS completely taken care of.

The Best Auto Detailer for Palmer, Alaska

Are you looking for the ultimate auto detailing solutions in the Mat-Su Valley and all of Southcentral Alaska? Well, you came to the right place. Call RC Detail, the PREMIUM AUTO DETAILING SPECIALISTS for PALMER, AK at 907.373.7238 or SEND A MESSAGE HERE. Our extraordinary standards, work ethic and love for perfectionism puts us in a new level of auto detailer.


  • We pick up and deliver your vehicle after full detailing
  • Our staff is friendly and professional
  • Always honest and upfront with costs (no hidden charges)
  • Locally owned and operated in the Mat-Su Valley
  • Satisfaction guaranteed


Palmer’s choice for car, truck or SUV sanitization services.

Preserve your vehicle spotless appeal and keep your family secured in Palmer, Alaska.

Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, sanitization has become more important than ever. Even when it comes to vehicles. At RC Detail we do our best to remove all external chemicals and contaminants, causing bad odors in your cars. Now is the perfect time to provide a secure environment for your family members or your coworkers.

Using the physical action of scrubbing the interior with detergents and surfactants, and rinsing with water afterwards, we are able to eliminate a great deal of microorganisms. The success of the process of disinfection matters most when we apply it to a washed surface. What is more, our technicians in Palmer use protective gloves and face masks to meet the highest standards of work during the pandemic.


Stain removal solutions for Palmer, Alaska

Maintain your investment with RC Detail.

Beverages spilled, supermarket bags leaking, rotten milk, or melted candy stains inside the vehicle are fairly common incidents that happen to most of us. Particularly for those of us who have children. These are very common day-to-day occurrences, but if not treated by a professional, they can turn into hard to get-rid-of STAINS. RC Detail will remove those stains and give a new, clean look to the interior of your vehicle.

If you have an interior of an SUV that you feel is past the point of no return, check out this 2020 Chevy Traverse that has had a complete detailing of the interior.


Check out this Exterior and Interior detailing for Boats, RVs and ATVs in Palmer, Alaska.

At RC Detail we do not only specialize in cars, we are experts in detailing boats, ATVs, and RVs

Side-by-sides, ATVs, campers, RVs, boats, airplanes… we Alaskans love our toys!

RC Details loves them too. And we also appreciate the fact that each season of moving around the harsh wilderness of Alaska can leave its trace on your vehicles. We can remove the thick dried mud layer from your ATV or RV. If you need a paint correction, or maybe you are looking for a protective layer to extend the life of the paint, ask us about our ceramic coating services. Our wonderful diversity of options include hand washes, waxing, deep cleaning, and many more amazing methods of proactively protecting and restoring your vehicle. We will prepare a custom offer for you, as we know that all situations are uniquely different.

Ceramic Coating in Palmer, Alaska, RC Detail

Ceramic coating services in Palmer, Alaska

Alaskan weather can be tough on your vehicle… Pro-actively protect your investment.

Here in Palmer, summer might not be the hottest, but still your cars and trucks are exposed to direct sunlight. Both during long drives and when you park your car outside. Although it may seem invisible, the sun’s UV rays are able to break down the chemicals in your car’s paintjob, slowly causing it to weaken, making the surface dull, dry and chalky. Your paintjob can also be damaged by rough chemicals and environmental pollutants. RC Detail provides ceramic coating application to your vehicle. This is the key to prolonging the life cycle of the paint. And protecting it from oxidation and other issues, while excluding the need for regular paint correction. Save money now by choosing our ceramic coating services for Palmer, Alaska.

Windshield treatment to increase windshield clarity

Protect your windshield against rain, Ice, snow, and sleet in Palmer, Alaska

The weather in Alaska can be extreme. Have you ever failed, due to fog, ice, snow or sleet, to see well through your windshield?

When driving in such hazardous conditions, clear views matter the most. They can even save a life when a split second decision matters most.

At RC Detail, you have found the best inexpensive and effective solution to help with difficult Alaskan weather conditions. We carefully apply GlassParency to your vehicle, and all rain, ice, snow, and sleet repels off the glass of your car. You will get wonderful results like never before. Most wax-based or topical coatings are not as good as GlassParency. RC Detail’s GlassParency is chemically engineered to react with silica within the glass pores, generating a unique bond, unmatched by the others.

Without a doubt, rain repels off a treated windshield, as you can see in this video. Ice has a difficult time gripping to the pores of the glass, which makes its removal a lot easier and faster. Quick defrosting is one more benefit of a GlassParency treated windshield. Take advantage of all these great features for only $79.99 at RC Detail in Palmer, Alaska.

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